EVE 3010




Dial Material: Alloy
Band Material: Nylon
Clasp Shape: Buckle

Watch weight: 36g

Dial Size:  4cm
diameter 2.7cm thickness of about 0.7cm

Strap Size : 1.4cm
watch overall length of about 2cm 24-25cm




_ M4A1724.JPG
_ M4A1729.JPG
_ M4A1732.JPG
_ M4A1737.JPG
_ M4A1744.JPG
_ M4A1746.JPG
_ M4A1755.JPG
_ M4A1764.JPG
_ M4A1768.JPG
_ M4A1760.JPG
_ M4A1773.JPG
_ M4A1781.JPG




A white-faced female models, A white-faced male models, B male models flour, B models female flour, C male models flour, C models female flour, D male models flour, D models female flour, E male models flour, E models female flour, G male models flour, G models female flour, H flour male models


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